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SMA Connector
Radio Frequency Coaxial Connectors Are Designed To Connect Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) And Cables To An External Antenna, Cameras, Sensors Or Other Devices. RF connectors are commonly seen in wireless applications. We offers a broad variety of RF connector configurations in all industry standard and a number of proprietary interfaces. These connectors are ideal for use across various markets including broadcast, industrial and wireless infrastructure.
Product Detail

The connector is the bridge between all signals. The performance of the connector will affect the working quality of the whole system. Therefore, high standard connector is the first condition to ensure effective signal transmission. There are many kinds and specifications of RF connectors provided by AIO: N,UHF,SMA,SMB,MCX,MMCX,FME,BNC,TNC,F,DIN,4.3-10, micro rectangular, circular electrical connectors, etc. It has been widely used in indoor distribution, radio equipment and electronic instruments, microwave equipment, aerospace and other fields. At the same time, our connector can be suitable for wet and rainy weather, which can effectively prevent gas, moisture or liquid from entering the connector shell, so as to ensure the product stability.

Major Technical Characteristics


Temperature Range

-55 °C ~ +155 °C (PE Cable -40 °C ~ +105 °C)



Frequency range

DC-12.4 GHz (semi-rigled DC-18GHz)

Working voltage

335V r.m.s at sea level

Withstanding Voltage

1000V r.m.s at sea level

Contact resistance

Center contact


Outer contact


Insulation resistance


Center conductor retention force


Coupling nut retention force


Insertion loss

0.1 x√f(GHz)dB@1GHz

Engagement force


Disengagement force


Voltage standing wave ratio



Right angle


Durability (mating)

≥500 cycles

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